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KATALYST Podcast with Hunter Burney

Oct 26, 2020

We bring this discussion with Evan Knox of Caffeine Marketing to a close with some powerful insight and experience for taking ownership and leading well.

If you have not listened to either of the first two segments of this discussion, get those first! I am super thankful that we have professionals like Evan, with the...

Oct 22, 2020

We continue this ownership discussion with Evan Knox, founder of Caffeine Marketing and investor at Tactos.

In this segment, we share specific examples of how we have seen and experienced ownership in the workplace. This is an important, and often overlooked, aspect of a healthy team. And it applies to every member of a...

Oct 13, 2020

OWNERSHIP series continues with another fantastic guest and story.

In this episode we start our discussion with Evan Knox, Founder of Caffeine Marketing and Small Business Investor at Tactos.

This first segment was a ton of fun to chat through. If you have not heard the story behind Katalyst, then you will enjoy...

Oct 6, 2020

Part 3 of the discussion with Leslie August. If you have not listened to the first two segments with Leslie, go snag those first before listening to this episode!

Leslie really ties this conversation up with a bow in this final segment. She has a fantastic perspective on leadership, ownership, creativity, confidence and...